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Funny Ad and moment while Touring Europe with Fractured Balance... here we are in Prague.

Sweet Pub fare band show of Mschv; Jesse Breakspear, and Ay Ses Dunya

Billy Idol Cameo of Ay Ses Dunya <~sometimes you just find yourself in the right place at the right time... :P

My Eurotour of Ay Ses GIG poster hung up at a bar in played while touring Europe

Singing is all i ever knew for certain.

This is a B-Rated movie i did LONNNNNNG time ago...the movie was so bad i had a fake name posted in the credits along with my character name :P

 Canada, Rrustic old classics, & Ay Ses on the move with her Guitar. ^_^

Stills from Detour gig.

having some fun ...This is an album cover idea for my next album that is in the studios.

another poster...this one for a short lived band Mschv

Valentine's Gig 

at VyŇ°ehrad in Prague while doing my Eurotour 2009

another great shot while on my Eurotour with my translator Ladislav and a snake called Boa ^_^

being a Musician on the road was an awesome and Life Changing experience for me.

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